Since 1964, Warehouse Rentals has offered an exemplary range of real estate services, including product offerings like warehousing, commercial property distribution and real estate development for clients across the Southeast.

Today, as a leading name in industrial real estate and development, we have carved a niche for flexible leasing terms. Present in several locations across the Southeast, we have consistently offered a wide spectrum of services for companies to meet their high quality business operations, distribution and warehousing demands.

Industrial and Residential Real Estate Developers

 If you’re a company dealing in agricultural products, or distribution, looking to start operations in an up-market locality with excellent back-up facilities, we are equipped to deliver everything that you need.

If you want a commercial building for rent, short or long term, we can fill that need. It’s no wonder that we have become the preferred provider for clients spanning industries such as healthcare, agriculture, retail chains and shipping. Every property that is being developed or leased, is designed with the customer’s requirements in mind. This is why every building serves as a first-rate functional and economical value for your warehousing and distribution purposes.

Over the years, our appreciation for maintaining a good customer base has led to our business growth. This is why we have introduced highly flexible leasing terms and conditions to provide maximum value for every customer. As a customer of Warehouse Rentals, once you approve a property, you can move in immediately and start your operations.

Our Product Offerings

Today, Warehouse Rentals has a sizable portfolio spanning different market segments. Be it a high-end distribution center, an agricultural warehouse, or manufacturing facility with capacities of up to 270K SF, we are equipped to serve your every need.

Warehouse Rentals is the only real estate development and warehousing company which offers these wide range of benefits to its customers, which includes:

  • Independently owned and operated warehouses
  • Over 9 million square footage of warehousing property
  • Highly functional and economical units for distribution, warehousing, storage and production
  • Optimum locations for your business
  • Pre-engineered steel buildings
  • 5,000 to 400,000 square feet dock height warehouses available for large and small scale industries like shipping, gas and oil.
  • Superior 3-phase power assistance in all facilities
  • Efficient sprinkler systems and high power lights
  • Base year taxes, insurance paid by owner
  • Responsibility of water and sewer maintenance lies with the owner
  • Properties are built according to industrial requirements

Today, we are spread across the Southeast in major locations such as Valdosta, Albany, Savannah, Douglas, Tifton, Charleston Summerville, & Mobile. Our services have touched the lives of thousands since our inception in 1964, and we hope to further build on this alliance of trust and growth.